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  • Centralised security

  • Road Repairs

  • Improved Refuse Systems

  • Improved Street Lights

  • More Signage

  • Dune Rehabiliation

  • Pride and Participation


Membership is open to anyone subscribing to the constitution, irrespective if they reside or own property in Umzumbe.


Membership fees are determined annually at the General Meeting and currently sit at R300 per family per annum. Persons wishing to become members should complete the membership enrolment form below accompanied by payment of the annual membership fee.



A copy of the constitution is available to download here : 





Please make ETF payment of R300 to:




Branch Code: 13982841

A/C No: 1398159255

Please use your name and Lot number as your EFT reference (e.9. Cliff 196 Station Rd)


UBRA is an acronym for Umzumbe Beach Ratepayers Association, which was coined shortly after the AGM in December 2013 and something that is becoming a household word for property owners in Umzumbe.


The new committee, chaired by Geremy Cliff, is on a dedicated mission to deliver a package of services to the owners this year, which have been identified by the committee for action to improve the general feeling and infrastructure of the village.


Among the projects that have been tabled for action, the following are included.


  • Centralised security with a dedicated security company – this would include identifying the weak areas, possibly installing and monitoring cameras, and having a roving patrol 24/7 in the village. A ‘what’s app’ service has also been started and will be tweaked to assist in the communication between locals living in the village. Ultimately for this to work, we would need the bulk of people subscribing to a security company to change to one specific company.

  • Road repairs – this process has already been initiated with the local municipality and a tender process will begin as soon as the municipal budgets have been approved for this purpose.

  • Refuse – it is our intention to clean up the verges and get everyone to buy into a dedicated bin for refuse bag disposal – we will be sending out quotes for these in the near future.

  • We also are investigating a proper recycling venue which will assist in the obviation of indiscriminate dumping throughout the town.

  • Street lights are being identified where they are not working and will be cleared of bush and faulty globes will be replaced.

  • Signage will be erected indicating No Dumping areas, directions to the beach and other necessary markers. The Umzumbe welcome signs are already installed.

  • The erection of a proper village store, come tea garden on the site where the old shed is to be removed – it is envisaged that this area will become the hub of the village in time and will be a venue for an artists under the sun market once a month, a farmers market on a Saturday where locals can also sell their wares from inland of us, a watering hole for runners and cyclists and any other function such as a crafts market at regular intervals.

  • This web site which will give added impetus to the MUST initiative (Make Umzumbe Sparkle Today) and generate much needed revenue for the carrying out of the various projects which we have identified.

  • Engage in dune rehabilitation and the removal of alien vegetation.

  • Generally create an attitude of pride and participation among the owners, absentee or local. It is our heartfelt intention that people feel safe and secure in coming to Umzumbe and it must in time, become the most sought after destination on the entire KZN coast!



By advertising with us, you are supporting local businesses and the community as all funds for advertising go directly back into improving the safety, cleanliness and organization of our village.

If you would like to advertise your business or home on the Umzumbe website please inquire below.




The UBRA would like to dedicate a very special Thanks to :


  • Rod Marillier & Roam Media Design – Welcome to Umzumbe Signs

  • Roam Media Design – Website Design & Development

  • Clinton Wood  – Web Domain Donation

  • Bruce Winship – Cash Donation


You can Email us your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Email us your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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