By advertising with us, you are supporting local businesses and the community as all funds for advertising go directly back into improving the safety, cleanliness and organization of our beautiful village.



If you would like to advertise your business, accommodation and home on the Umzumbe website, please find the rates and contact information below:





Directory Listings                           FIRST YEAR FREE (365 day text listing)

Premium Directory Listings          R500 / year (Photos, text, top location)

Home Page Color Ads                   R1000 - R2000 / year *Maximum Exposure

Other Page Color Ads                   R1000 / year (Photos, text, top location)



Directory Listings

List your home or business with 5 lines of text 

*Example shown below.

Directory Listing Format

Line 1 : Business or House Name

Line 2 : Headline

Line 3:  Address

Line 4:  Phone

Line 5:  Website or Email

Color Advertisements

List a full color advertisement on one of our web pages. Maximize your exposure and gain new customers. Have an attractive color advert designed for your home or business by our team.


Advertise on the Home Page


 Home Page Ad Spaces - Maximum Exposure



Top Space           R3,000 / year with full color ad design 

Middle Space      R2,500 / year with full color ad design

Bottom Space      R2,000 / year with full color ad design


​Includes: design consultation - full color advert - 365 days of maximum exposure ad space - a copy of your ad emailed to you. 


Advertise on the 'Top Hit' Pages


Space is available on the following web pages:



Featured Color Ads  R1,000 / year with design    


Join UBRA 

Featured Color Ads  R500 / year with design     


News & Events (coming soon)

Featured Color Ads  R1000 / year with design